How to apply DTM paint while at sea

Waterbased DTM paint is perfect for application while at sea. But it can be tricky to apply given the rapidly changing conditions. 
Here are some practical tips on how to apply DTM at sea: 
  • If its raining -- obviously wet paint will wash right off ​a ​surface in the rain. The key thing to know is how long do you have to wait following rain. You'll need to wait at least 24 hours for surfaces to dry and in particularly muggy circumstances even longer. 
  • On a windy day -- While it's tempting to try spraying​ paint the same direction as wind is blowing for faster application, it generally will only create a huge mess and waste product. If you have to spray in windy conditions, it's much safer to use a brush or roller.
  • What to do about salt water spray? -- If you're using a waterbased DTM paint, you'll have no worries. Waterbased DTMs are compatible with salt water and solvents and the paint will not be impacted​.
  • Painted surfaces -- its fine to use DTM paint over existing paint so long as you take a wire brush to any visible rust flakes and spot paint those areas with a rust converter to prevent future corrosion. Not sure what a rust converter is? You can read more about our rust converter and primer here. 
  • Clean out equipment every day --​ you may think its OK to pick that sprayer back up the next morning, but the reality is the DTM paint from the day before will have dried or coagulated to the equipment's detriment, making an even spray impossible.
Struggling with a different set of "at sea" conditions and unsure of how best to use DTM paint? We have listed some additional technical data for AdCoat DTM Direct to Metal Paint here which may answer some of your questions. 
Or give us a call and let's talk it through.