How to ​M​ake your ​G​arage ​F​loor ​P​aint ​L​ast

How do you paint a garage floor -- and make sure it lasts?

Once you've gone through the hassle of hauling everything out of the garage, painting the floor and parking the car on the street waiting for the floor to dry, you won't want to have to do it again anytime soon. 

Here are some tips to prolong the life of your garage floor paint -- and ensure a long-lasting result.   ​

  1. Use an acrylic water based epoxy floor paint -- garage floors are susceptible to UV sunlight, even if only a corner or sliver near the door opening is exposed. In no time at all, the exposed floor will succumb to UV rays and turn yellow. Selecting a floor paint that combines acrylic with an epoxy floor paint will protect from UV sunlight and maintain the integrity and color of the garage floor paint
  2. Use mild soap only -- Harsh chemicals found in some soaps will degrade garage floor paint and over time lead to cracks, peels and rough or scratched surfaces. Mild cleaning agents such as regular household dish soap work best to clean a garage floor while avoiding damage.  
  3. Wait one week before parking your car -- after painting your garage floor, an epoxy floor paint must have time to chemically bond or cure to form the strongest foundation possible. A garage floor that hasn't had a full week to fully cure will peel up or turn black under hot rubber tires.
  4. Avoid spilling solvents​ such as gasoline or oil -- these types of spills or leaks are unavoidable, especially if you plan to park your car in the garage. The worst you can do is let it soak in. By taking quick action to wipe up spills and clean the surface with a mild soap, you will get more life out of your garage floor paint.  

Following this advice, it's possible you can maintain a clean and polished appearance on your garage floor for 5-7 years before having to re-paint. Best of luck!