First, determine the square foot area to be painted. Measure the length (L) and width (W) of the pool as well as an average depth (D).  

Note: This assumes a rectangular pool with two equal length long sides, two two equal length short sides and rectangular bottom. If your pool is irregular in shape, then you will need to modify the results. This is just an estimate.

Calculate the following:

Length x Width =  ____

Length x Average Depth x 2 = ____ 

Width x Average Depth x 2  = _____

Then add all three numbers together for the Total Area (TA).

Next, to determine the number of 1 gallon kits needed to paint the Total Area, divide by 300 (the average coverage rate of our paint) and multiply by 2  (because you will need two coats).

 TA/300 x 2 = number of gallon kits needed (round up).

For example, a pool that is 30 feet by 15 feet with an average depth of 4 feet will be calculated as follows:

Total Area = 810 sq. ft.

Paint Needs -- 810  sq. ft. / 300 sq ft per coat = 2.7 x 2 coats = 5.4 gallons

So, we would round up and recommend 6 - 1 gallon kits.



How does AdCoat Rust Converter & Primer work?

AdCoat Rust Converter & Primer reacts with the rust, changing it to black magnetite protective compound which transforms (kills) existing rust and prevents further rusting. In addition, AdCoat Rust Converter & Primer incorporates a waterproof resin which primes the affected area preventing moisture penetration to the metal surface.

How do I apply AdCoat Rust Converter & Primer?
With a brush, roller or airless paint sprayer (tip size 19-21).

Can AdCoat Rust Converter & Primer be diluted with water?
Do not dilute AdCoat Rust Converter & Primer. It is designed to be applied as manufactured, to provide the appropriate coverage to treat the rust, without running or splattering.

How many coats of AdCoat Rust Converter & Primer should be applied over rusty surfaces?
AdCoat Rust Converter & Primer is manufactured to a high viscosity and is thicker than other rust converters. Unless the object to be treated is particularly rough or of intricate design, one coat should be adequate.

Is AdCoat Rust Converter & Primer easy to apply?
Yes, AdCoat Rust Converter & Primer is as easy to apply as any good quality waterbased paint. It does not drip or splatter even on overhead applications and spreads out evenly.

Can AdCoat Rust Converter & Primer be applied over old paint?
Yes, AdCoat Rust Converter & Primer can be applied over old paint but if rust is beneath the paint then that surface should be sanded and/or wire brushed prior to application.

Should AdCoat Rust Converter & Primer be painted after application?
Yes, when AdCoat Rust Converter & Primer is completely dry (24 hours), it should be coated with either a water or oil based paint. (Remember AdCoat Rust Converter & Primer has a dual function and is an excellent metal primer).

Can AdCoat Rust Converter & Primer be applied on hot surfaces such as stoves, barbeques, etc.?
No. AdCoat Rust Converter & Primer is not considered to be a heat resistant paint.

Can AdCoat Rust Converter & Primer be used on boats and boat trailers?
Absolutely! AdCoat Rust Converter & Primer performs great in salt water and marine environments. Remember AdCoat Rust Converter & Primer not only converts and prevents rust, but also is a great water and water vapor resistant primer. It is a multifunctional metal primer.

What safety measure should I follow using AdCoat Rust Converter & Primer?
Use normal safety precautions that you would use when applying waterbased paint including application in well ventilated areas. Avoid skin on eye contact as exposure could cause irritation. If spraying: goggles, gloves and mask are recommended (see Datasheet and MSDS reports).