AdCoat Swimming Pool Paint - 1 Gallon Kit

AdCoat’s Swimming Pool Paint is designed to provide long lasting protection for concrete, plaster, gunite and fiberglass (fresh or salt water) swimming pools, fountains, water ladders, slides, commercial water holding tanks, aqueducts and spas. It is the ideal solution for protecting items and substrates subjected to harsh underwater conditions.

While other epoxy coatings fade and chalk when exposed to sunlight and certain interior lighting conditions, the unique formulation allows indoor and outdoor application without these signs of degradation. Results in concrete fresh water ponds have lasted years and years!!

This two component system achieves a stronger bond to the surface with 100% pure epoxy catalyst. The addition of acrylic resin provides added durability and the versatility for outdoor application longevity. The cured finish easily stands up to strong water treatment chemicals as well as salt water exposure.

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