AdCoat Direct to Metal DTM Paint - 1 Gallon

Protects metal for over 10 years.  A primer, undercoat and topcoat in one that provides excellent protection against corrosion and flash rust. Using a 100% pure epoxy catalyst ensures an extremely durable, bonded paint finish to metal surfaces as well as wood, masonry and aluminum.

Forms a superior barrier that withstands harsh outside elements including intermittent exposure to water, salt spray, moisture and high temperatures.  

  • Can be applied directly over sound rust areas
  • Will not chip or peel
  • No need for primer or undercoat
  • Corrosion and flash rust resistant
  • Coverage: 350 square feet per gallon

Residential -- provides protection for all metals including doors, trim, shutters, fences, garage doors, outdoor furniture, railing and wrought iron.

Commercial -- machinery, motors, tools, toolboxes, cabinets, tanks, oil rigs, metal railings, decks, iron work, framing and equipment, steel bars, pipelines, drums, conduit and ducts.  

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